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Q:           How large is the Complex?
A:            The Grizzly Sports Complex is a 17 acre facility that was engineered with the latest in safety technology, including the use of the Shaw/Sportexe® PowerBlade HP+2.0SR Synthetic Turf System.

Q:           Are the fields available to rent?
A:            Yes, the Grizzly Sports Complex is available for rental by other groups for practices, games, tournaments and special events.  You may rent on or both fields.

Q:           How do I rent the fields?
A:            Contact with your desired date(s) and times.

Q:           How much does it cost to rent the fields?
A:           The basic rental fee is $100 per hour per field.

Q:           What are the field rental insurance requirements?
A.            A Certificate of Insurance, with the following minimum requirements, must be provided:

    1. ENDORSEMENT:  The endorsement must name: Gainesville Haymarket Youth Football League as additional insured by endorsement.
    2. Type of Coverage:  The Grizzlies must be insured on a “per occurrence” basis against bodily injury, including death, and property damage, for which the Lessee may be liable, and this per occurrence coverage must include claims from athletic participants.
    3. Limits:  No less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage and $300,000 for damage to The Grizzly Sports Complex.
    4. INSURANCE RATING:  A minimum financial rating of the insurance carrier must be Best Rating of A:VII or better (A.M. Best & Co.).

Q:           How do I become a sponsor of the Grizzly Sports Complex?
A:            Contact

Q:           What are the rules of the Grizzly Sports Complex?
A:            The rental contract lays out the specific rules for renters, however the general use rules are:

1.       CLEAR LIQUIDS are the only beverages allowed on the turf fields.
2.      No food of any kind is permitted on the fields – this includes gum.
3.      All tobacco and alcohol products are prohibited.
4.      Animals are prohibited.
5.      Metal spikes/cleats and high-heeled shoes are prohibited on the turf fields.
6.      Profane language, boisterous behavior, or other objectionable behavior is prohibited.
7.      No vehicles are allowed on the fields at anytime.
8.      Weapons, illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited.
9.      Field use by Permit only.
10.   The use of sharp objects or golf clubs on all surfaces is prohibited.
11.   Burning materials of any kind is prohibited.
12.   Marking or painting on the track, turf or any of the facility playing surfaces is strictly prohibited.
13.   Moveable markers, such as cones and hurdles are allowed upon receipt of permission from the Grizzly Board of Directors.
14.   Adult supervision of field activities is mandatory.
15.   The Licensee is responsible for the conduct of participants and spectators.

Q:           What sports can be played at the Grizzly Sports Complex?
A:            The fields are designed for multiple sports, such as football, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, rugby and ultimate Frisbee.

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